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We are pleased to offer the Stonewater community a series of 6 free group workshops for adults.
The series will be a mix of discussions, fun interactive activities and practical cooking. It will include:
- Learning about what stops us from losing weight
- Gaining some new habits which will support healthy weight loss
- Making delicious weight-friendly food on a budget
- Enjoying cooking and getting support to plan and prepare meals
- Learning some new cooking skills and recipes / meal ideas
- Getting the support from like-minded people who are facing similar challenges
The workshops will start on 21st June at 5.30pm and will last 90 minutes (1½ hours). You can cook along if you wish (recipes and shopping lists will be sent out in advance after the introductory week). No special equipment or cooking skills are needed.
For more information, follow this link to EventBrite:
Places are limited to 16 people, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Thank you! The event is live online.


Join our 6-week online group programme to lose weight and improve energy levels

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