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School can be stressful sometimes for many children

The majority of schools do their best to create a healthy learning environment for pupils and yet many children feel the pressure of school work, exams and other life experiences. The mental health of young people in particular has never been so important and in need of attention. There are also some vulnerable pupils, who may have chaotic home lives or who have had a difficult start in life, for whom school can be a daily challenge.

With over 25 years of experience in Children's Services, Lorraine Hirst of Health-works has the expertise to deliver training and support to school staff, providing strategies for managing pupil stress and wellbeing in school.

Workshops for teachers
and support staff

This training can be delivered in the school day or twilight sessions. it includes an understanding of stress, different responses to it and different thinking styles, tools for dealing with pupils who are struggling with stress and anxiety. It can also include the effects of trauma and how these pupils may need a very different approach.

Workshops for parents

Parents can do a lot to build resilience and help their children manage stress in school and at home. Parent sessions can be organised by schools in the school day or after school hours, when working parents might be more able to attend.

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