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The Longleigh Foundation and Stonewater Project

For the past five years, Longleigh has been providing Individual and project grants to Stonewater residents and communities, supporting them at particular times of financial crisis and hardship.

When Longleigh realised that the pandemic was having a huge impact on people’s economic, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, the foundation created a programme of support to provide timely, accessible and ongoing help to Stonewater customers.

Circles of Support aims at empowering Stonewater customers to manage their finances as well as their overall health and wellbeing. Improved physical and mental health will help Stonewater families and communities. This is what the programme is all about.

Community Health-Works is very proud that is has been chosen to play a significant role in the Circles of Support programme by entrusting it with looking after the physical wellbeing of Stonewater customers.
We are a team of qualified nutritionists and yoga instructors who offer health and well-being coaching and support for those wanting to manage low energy or mood, sleeping problems, weight concerns, any kind of digestive issues, aches and pains or long-term conditions while living on a tight budget or trying to cope with other difficult life circumstances.

Our overall aim is to improve how people feel by changing existing habits and thinking patterns and removing any other barriers to better health. One key way in which we help is by sharing simple cooking skills and lots of ideas about savvy meal planning & prepping as well as how to consume more fresh foods.
Our offer to Stonewater customers includes
   •    ‘Cooking on a budget’ workshops
   •    A series of yoga classes for adults and a special series for families with young kids
   •    Regular "Facebook Lives" on diverse topics such as fussy eaters or food cravings and
   •    3-month (or longer) one-to-one support programmes tailored to a customer’s very specific needs

With our flexible approach to improving people’s health, we enable Stonewater customers to change their relationship with food and their body and to take back control of their lives by making small, gradual steps to their daily routine which will have a long-lasting impact on their overall sense of wellbeing.

Find out more about the main team members here:


Hi, I am a qualified nutritionist, wellbeing coach and trainer who set up Health-Works several years ago to offer individual and group work for those who wish to explore and improve their health. I use my coaching and positive psychology skills to help people change their relationship with their physical and mental wellbeing, particularly around food. In 2019, I developed Cooking Good, providing face-to-face and online food education and cooking experiences to various groups of people. I love working alongside individuals and groups in fun and interactive cooking and food-related workshops with the support of my small community cooking team who share my passion for cooking simple, wholesome food from scratch and making the most of this on a limited budget.

Lorraine Martin

Lorraine portrait for work.jpg

Hi, I'm a registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (mBANT, rCNHC) and certified health coach. I have been an ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration charity since 2017, leading health and nutrition programmes and support groups. In addition to teaching nutrition science, I conduct one-to-one nutritional consultations for individuals and families looking for help to eat healthier, lose weight or manage chronic health conditions.


Caroline Hind

Hi, Besides being a registered Nutritionist, I am also a fully qualified Ayurvedic Health Coach and Yoga Therapist. Since I lost my husband to leukaemia, my main focus is to support other bereaved people in regaining their health after a major loss. I support individuals and groups through cooking and educational workshops, weekly yoga classes as well as 1:1 support programmes. In addition, I offer a wide range of free resources with regards to cooking for one, such as regular newsletters with nutritional & lifestyle tips, cooking videos on YouTube, motivational posts and meal ideas on Instagram as well as membership in a Wellbeing Community for Bereaved Partners. I am a regular guest speaker at bereavement events and on grief podcasts and a monthly contributor to Foody Friday on Yowah Radio.

Sabine Horner

Sabine Horner 27-03-21 235.jpg

We would love to hear from you. Here is how you can get in touch with us to access our services:

Our Facebook page is here

Head over to our YouTube channel here
Use our contact form

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