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Helping you on your journey to greater control of your weight and wellbeing...

Want help with weight management or living with a long term condition?
Until a few years ago, I had spent the previous thirty or more years on quick-fix diets, cleanses and eating foods I didn't like.  When I was diagnosed in 2014 with an inflammatory, auto-immune condition, I decided to change my habits for good to fight this.  I also then realised that changing my relationship with food was the only way to stay well and sustain a healthy weight in the longer term. Using coaching and positive psychology approaches, I began to help others with improving their relationship with food, stabilizing their weight, preventing or managing a health condition.


Health-Works offer a range of services including one-to-one coaching and an online weight management programmes that focus on the underlying reasons for over-eating, tackling emotional eating and reducing barriers to weight gain. We offer support for lifestyle and dietary changes for those with long term health conditions, too. Quite simply, we promote new positive approaches to food and health, resulting in better weight or condition management and improving all-round wellbeing. We pride ourselves on using the latest research and techniques, too.


Health-Works Academy


An exciting and new 12-week programme of

live webinars or small group sessions in Brackley is about to begin. The programme includes information and support with the following:

  • Changing your relationship with food

  • Improving self-esteem and body image

  • Mindful eating and beating cravings

  • Addressing triggers for emotional eating

  • What is a healthy lifestyle for you

  • Practicalities for success and looking to the future


The programme also includes:

  • Access to one-to-one phone support

  • A supportive, closed Facebook group - for life

  • E-alerts with reminders and motivational stuff

  • Links to resources and further support

  • Option to engage with local community groups



This programme is currently being offered free of charge if you live in Northamptonshire and meet the service criteria. To find out more, go to:  First for Wellbeing

1-2-1 coaching, groups and pop up events

Some people prefer to work alone on their personal goals. Others want to join a group that meets at work or in the local cafe.

Another option is to host a pop up healthy eating event at your home!

Please contact for further information about these services, which can usually be offered within a 50 mile radius of Towcester, Northants or individual support can be online worldwide. Other courses will also be available soon.


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