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Fussy eating can be a challenging behaviour but with an understanding of some of the less well-known underlying reasons why your kids may be fussy about food, you can stop it becoming a habit. Watch our 5 short video clips to find out how you can help your child eat a more varied diet.
Video 1 - Taking the conflict out of meal times
Find out what you can do to make your child feel more in control while respecting that we are all different and therefore have different needs.
Video 2: Doing the detective work
When did your child's fussy eating start? This can give you some clues about any underlying problem that needs to be acknowledged and resolved.
Video 3: Is your child truly hungry at meal times?
Constant snacking, milk shakes and other high-calorie drinks can impact their appetite at meal times. So what can you do about it?
Video 4: Are processed foods affecting your child's eating behaviour?
Our taste buds can get distorted by eating mainly highly-flavoured processed foods and this can make real food taste awful.
Video 5: Can there be other reasons why your child is picky about food?
Watch out for food intolerances and make sure meal times are relaxing to prevent any digestive issues.


Watch the series here:



Fussy Eaters - Series

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